Business courses explained

Course delivery

Courses can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

In the workplace

Courses which are purely work based allow employees to gain a vocational qualification without leaving their normal working environment.

At College
As a short course, or on a Day or Block Release basis

Many of our full-time courses are available on a part-time basis. Day Release is an arrangement where a company allows an employee to go to College to study one or two days each week, and Block Release is where the College offers the course in blocks of weeks, for example four weeks at a time.

At a place and time to suit you
As Self Study courses, supported by lecturers

Self Study courses are aimed at those who wish to further their career outside of a traditional training environment, and are an excellent option for businesses who wish to support flexible employee development.

Distance or open learning courses, as they are sometimes known, allow individuals the opportunity to access their training and learn at a time and place that fits their own, individual circumstances. Learners will work through the course independently with the support of distance learning tutors - this makes it ideal for those who are unable to attend conventional classes due to work, time or distance constraints.

As blended learning courses, combining home study with College attendance

Some courses involve a mix of home study and direct contact with tutors at College. This is often referred to as blended learning, and class attendance may be regular, occasional or perhaps only for a final examination/review.

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How to apply

Applying is easy - simply select your course and follow the online process. If you would prefer to manually complete the Employer Booking Form, please download the form, fill it in and return to our Information & Booking Centre at the following address:

Information & Booking Centre
North East Scotland College
Aberdeen City Campus
Aberdeen AB25 1BN

Courses will run depending on demand, and you will be fully refunded in the event of a cancelled course. Please note that our courses are exempt from VAT, so there is no VAT to add to the course fee. Terms and conditions are available on request.

Please note that all employer bookings are subject to a credit check. Course fees will be invoiced in full at the time of booking. If a company fails the credit check, all fees must be paid prior to the booking being processed.

Applying for a fully funded course

NESCol offer a range of care-related distance learning programmes, leading to nationally recognised qualifications, all of which are fully funded. This means that they are available at no cost to your organisation.

An application form for fully funded courses will be issued upon request. You will be issued a form which you must be complete, sign and return.

To request an application form or to find out more about fully funded care courses, please contact:

Iain Cocker, Business Development Manager
Business & Community Development
Telephone: 01224 612308

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To talk through your business training needs, please contact:

Ian Runcie, Employer Engagement Manager
Organisational Services

If you would like to know more about the application process in general, please contact:

Information & Booking Centre
Telephone: 01224 612330

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