Economics 1: Micro and Macro SCQF Level 8

A detailed study of the economy and its many influencing factors.


Why take this course?

This is an optional Unit within the HNC/HND Business Group Award. It may also be an optional part of other HN Group Awards, or taken as a stand alone HN Unit. It has three outcomes, introducing you to:

  • Costs of the firm, market structures and the objective of profit maximisation
  • Unemployment and inflation
  • Government policy and the use of revenue and expenditure

Throughout the course you will explore Microeconomic theory, and look at the costs and the behaviour of firms within the economy. You will also explore Macroeconomic theory, where you will look at the economy as a whole, and key influencing factors. For further information on this course, please visit the SQA website.

Credit points and level: 1 HN credit at SCQF level 8: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 8)

What you will experience

Outcome 1 introduces the costs of the firm in the short run and the long run and the market structures within which a firm operates. It will also cover the role of profit and the objective of profit maximisation, as well as alternative objectives of the firm.

In Outcome 2 you will study the causes and effects of unemployment and inflation.

In Outcome 3 you will explore government policy and the choices governments have to make with regard to revenue and spending. You will consider the use of both fiscal and monetary policy. Throughout the Unit you will be involved in researching economic concepts and economic trends using a variety of information sources.

To complete this unit you may be asked to complete three assessments - an open-book essay or report that you will complete without supervision, and two additional assessments completed under supervised conditions. You are permitted to bring 250 words of your own summary notes to each assessment, and will be asked to submit your notes with your response. No other reference material will be permitted. Assessments may be question-based relating to newspaper, journal or internet articles.

Alternatively you may be asked to complete two assessments to achieve the unit. In this case, Outcomes 2 and 3 would be assessed together and you will be allowed to take 500 words of your own summary notes. Preparation for assessments should involve your own research using newspaper articles, the internet and textbooks. This can be written as notes containing graphs, tables and other relevant materials.

Student writing

Key facts

Mode of study
Method of study
This is a blended learning course, combining self study with elements of classroom attendance – often for assessment purposes only.

What you will need

Students are responsible for securing unit resources listed.

What you need to know

Additional costs

This course involves an additional SQA fee. Please see our Courses Explained page for further information on costs.

Anything else?

Please note that fee waivers or ILA funding may apply.

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For more information about job opportunities, salaries and employment rates in this industry, visit the Career Coach website.


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