Being a student is an exciting experience - one that you’ll never forget! At North East Scotland College we do our best to accommodate your educational and social needs, whether you’re recording and editing clips in our very own TV studio, studying in the library or relaxing with a coffee and friends in one of our refectories.

The Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire region is thriving, and as a result is bucking the employment trend. You’ll have a real advantage living and learning in the area, and our accessible campuses mean that you have a number of options when it comes to where and what you study.

Getting in to student life can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here we’ll explain some common terms/resources used by staff and students, and cover everything you need to know about getting started at North East Scotland College.


Each of our full-time students will undergo an induction upon joining the College. Guided by an experienced member of staff, this short tour will tell you everything you need to know about where to find important resources and facilities, where to find people who can help and advise you and how to navigate around the building.

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Where to go

It’s important to know where to report on arrival for your first day/induction at College. The following documents outline general information for full-time and part-time students, including useful information on where to report to and where you can park at the campus or centre you will be studying at. 

Aberdeen Altens Campus: Getting Started PDF, 276.57 KB Aberdeen City Campus: Getting Started PDF, 414.99 KB Ellon Learning Centre: Getting Started PDF, 222.22 KB Fraserburgh Campus: Getting Started PDF, 236.87 KB Inverurie Learning Centre: Getting Started PDF, 326.87 KB Scottish Maritime Academy: Getting Started PDF, 336.29 KB

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Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment that enables access to teaching and learning resources via the Internet. We use it to assist and support the delivery of our classes across all full–time and many of our part–time & distance learning courses. It is a virtual function, like the Internet. It exists electronically, backed up by servers and technologies that exist at our different centres and campuses. Your tutor will advise you how to use Blackboard during your college induction.

The aim of Blackboard is to support and enhance the quality of our courses. As a student making use of Blackboard, you will experience a number of benefits from this state-of-the-art learning environment – and you don’t have to be in a classroom to use it! You can use it to access lecture handouts, interactive quizzes, videos, online assessments, timetables and more. You can also use it to submit coursework electronically, complete online assessments and communicate with your lecturers.

To log into Blackboard, your username is your eight-digit student number (e.g. 12345678) which is also used in your NESCol email address ( For some forms on StudentNet you must login using your email address as the username, but this will be clearly marked where required. The password will be the default password you were issued with, or the password you have used to replace the default.

You can even access an online learner induction to Blackboard which will allow you to familiarise yourself with how it works.

Blackboard Mobile

Blackboard Mobile is a platform designed to enhance the educational experience by utilizing the mobile device as another dimension of the campus and classroom.

Find out more about the Blackboard Mobile Learn App

Download for free on the iTunes App Store
Download for free on the Google Play App Store

Visit Blackboard

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A key component of Blackboard is StudentNet - a resource available to all enrolled students, which contains a host of useful information on events, announcements, courses, IT help, guidance, the Students’ Association and more. It’s highly recommended for new students who want to learn more about the North East Scotland College, and is a key part of our Virtual Learning Environment. From StudentNet you will be able to access your college email account and timetable, and Library+ resources.

Visit StudentNet

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IT Help Zone

Our IT Help Zone is here to help you with your personal device or when it comes to using IT at the College.

If you are having technical problems with your personal device then you should contact the IT Help Zone in Dino's Café seating area in the Aberdeen City Campus or the IT Help Zone on the upper level of the Atrium at our Fraserburgh Campus.

If you are based at the Altens Campus then simply visit the Library+ and you’ll find an IT Help Zone self-help station. This is an iPad full of advice and guidance on a wide range of common technical issues. You will also find a telephone that will connect you directly the IT Help Zone at the Aberdeen City Campus.

IT Help Zone
Telephone: 01224 612510

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD refers to 'Bring Your Own Device' - an award winning scheme that encourages students to bring their own device to college. This could be a netbook, laptop or tablet. You will have been advised at interview or upon accepting your place at College whether or not your course is a BYOD programme.

As is the case with other aspects of financing your way through College, if you think that you will experience hardship in funding the cost of a laptop computer or netbook, you can seek advice or arrange an appointment with a Student Adviser by contacting Student Services directly:

Aberdeen City Campus Student Services Reception
Telephone: 01224 612284

Fraserburgh Campus Student Services Reception
Telephone: 01346 586129

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NUS Extra Cards

Because North East Scotland College is part of NUS, all NESCol students are entitled to an NUS Extra Card. This means you can take advantage of massive savings in over 200 shops, leisure activities and restaurants - unlocking a massive 42,000 different international discounts!

To apply for your NUS card, visit the NUS website or contact the NESCol Students’ Association for further information.

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Get involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved at North East Scotland College. The Students’ Association offers a range of opportunities for you to have a say in all sorts of social and educational aspects of College life.

Find out more about NESCol Students' Association

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