Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan for the College identifies the strategic direction of the College for the coming 3 years, and provides context and rationale. The Plan is the corporate planning statement of the Board and establishes its strategic aims and objectives.

Strategic Plan 2015-18 (Nov 2015 Update) PDF, 638.81 KB

Supporting Strategic Documents

The High Level Strategic Risk Register shows actual critical risks that the College is currently faced with, and provides a high-level indication of the mitigation that will be applied to each individual risk. 

Strategic Risk Register (High Level) PDF, 84.36 KB

Outcome agreements were first introduced in AY 2012-13 and are intended to enable colleges and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) to demonstrate the impact of the sector and its contribution to meeting Scottish Government priorities. 

The document consists of two main sections – the Regional Context Statement and the Outcome Progress Table.  The region’s Priority Outcomes and Priority Outputs are also detailed. The Regional Context Statement provides evidence as to how the region meets the needs of its learners, employers and community.

Outcome Agreement 2016-17 PDF, 1.73 MB Outcome Agreement 2017-18 PDF, 513.84 KB

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