Developing your workforce

The Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programme supports your business to train your employees, allowing you to develop your workforce.

Modern Apprenticeships help you build a stronger, more confident workforce and financial assistance is provided towards the cost of training. This popular work-based training initiative leads to an industry approved qualification plus development of those essential “soft skills” required in the workplace.  

MA programmes provide vocational training that is relevant to your trainees’ current employment – and for many apprentices, it is the beginning of a long and fruitful career.

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Types of Modern Apprenticeship

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Financial Support

Funding and support is available each year from the Scottish Government via Skills Development Scotland (SDS). The funding provided via SDS covers the direct cost of College course fees for each apprenticeship.

North East Scotland College is approved by Skills Development Scotland to deliver the Modern Apprenticeship scheme. The funding for college training is paid directly from SDS to the College.

Your Modern Apprentice is just like every other employee so you still have to pay their salary and make sure they have everything else they need to do their job effectively.

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Availability of places

Skills Development Scotland allocate the College a limited number of Modern Apprenticeship places per industry area each April. Places are awarded on the basis of demand from employers and are allocated on a first come first served basis to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and entry requirements stated within the specific apprenticeship framework.

Funded Modern Apprenticeship places for the academic year 2018 onwards are now being compiled at North East Scotland College (in Fraserburgh and Aberdeen). If you think you are likely to need a Modern Apprenticeship place/s or want to find out more about the programme please contact us.

Giving us an indication of your needs will help to secure a place(s) for your company and although it doesn’t commit you to the recruitment, this will ensure that you have the places available should you need them.

If you require any support in recruiting an apprentice then the College is well placed to assist you -whether that be talking through your requirements or helping identify future talent from our student intake.

If there are no funded places available on application it is still possible to place an employee on a Modern Apprenticeship programme, however the company must pay for the cost of College training.

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Eligibility of employees

A modern apprentice can be a new team member, or an existing employee who wants to increase their capabilities and confidence in the workplace.

The majority of apprenticeships are available to those employees who are aged 16-24 living in Scotland. In some sectors over 25’s are also eligible for support.

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Role of the employer

The employer must employ the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship and must be willing and able to provide the work-place experience and assessment opportunities required to complete the programme.

Employer portal

Employers can keep up to date with trainee progress through our online portal where attendance, timetables and results can be easily accessed.

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Adopt a modern apprentice

Skills Development Scotland offers a financial incentive for employers who take on a modern apprentice who has been made redundant from another employer. For businesses in the oil and gas industry, the financial incentive is currently £5,000. For businesses in all other industries the incentive is £2,000.

Visit the Skills Development Scotland website for up-to-date information on incentives.

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Recruit a modern apprentice

Throughout the academic year the College hosts events aimed at bringing students and employers together to see if there are potential matches. This is very effective in that it can result in future job roles once students have successfully completed their course of study.

If you are looking to recruit individuals on to the Modern Apprenticeship programme then this may be of interest to you. For more information or to find out about participation in these events, please contact:

Ian Runcie, Employer Engagement Manager
Organisational Services
Telephone: 01346 586126

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If you have any questions or require further information at any stage of this process please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Modern Apprenticeship Team
Telephone: 01346 586110

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