SQA Units in
Creative Textiles & Garment Manufacture SCQF Level 6

Providing those with an interest in working in the fashion or garment manufacture industry an in-depth insight into the skills and knowledge required.


Why take this course?

This SQA Units course in Creative Textiles and Garment Manufacture is designed to equip school pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future employment within the textiles sector, or for progression to further academic study.

Throughout the course you will investigate techniques and experiment with new skills, whilst developing contemporary garment construction skills and creating your own unique pieces.

What you will experience

The course consists of two SQA National Progression Awards, comprising a total of six mandatory units which you must successfully complete in order to gain both awards. These include:

  1. Garment Pattern Cutting: An Introduction
    This unit is designed to provide you with an introduction to garment pattern construction using industrial methods. You will learn how to create a basic block from which manipulation sheets can be created and then you will also create a production pattern for a garment.
  2. Industrial Sewing Skills: An Intro
    You will learn a range of industrial sewing techniques and will use them to produce a simple sewn product.
  3. Develop and Manufacture: Skirts
    You will manipulate a basic skirt block to make relevant style changes, create and cut out a production pattern and then sew a skirt. You will use industrial equipment and methods and will work in accordance with working drawings.
  4. Art & Design: Colour
    A variety of colour media, media handling techniques, colour mixing and colour groupings will be investigated through the production of colour samples for a given brief. Colour and/or colour groupings will then be applied to selected art and/or design work. This will help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of colour theory through applied contexts.
  5. Art & Design: Sketchbook Development
    You will develop personal ideas and concepts through the use of a sketchbook(s). You will investigate and experiment with a variety of materials and media handling techniques.
  6. Art & Design: Creative Textile Development
    You will be able to develop an individual, creative response to the development of textiles.

You will experience a variety of teaching methods and practical activities. The course will be delivered in a textile workshop at the College’s Aberdeen City Campus, and you will have access to all relevant resources including industrial sewing machines.

You will be expected to demonstrate/develop the following essential skills for the workplace:

  • Good time keeping skills;
  • An ability to work independently;
  • Planning and preparation skills;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • An ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with others.

Assessment will take place on an ongoing basis throughout the course, under open-book conditions.

female drawing in creative environment

Key facts

Entry requirements

To access this course it would be beneficial if you have some previous experience of art or design at National 5 or Higher level, as well as a basic understanding of some sewing techniques. Given the requirement to work independently this course is better suited to pupils in S5 and S6.

What you will need

You will be asked to provide a kit of essential materials including:

  • A selection of needles and pins;
  • A selection of threads;
  • Fabric scissors;
  • Tape measure;
  • Chalk.

During the course, you will choose fabrics in accordance with your designs. Further detail will be provided upon being offered a place.

What you need to know

Anything else?

Whilst you are taking part in the course you will be required to:

  • Be fully prepared for each class and arrive on time;
  • Adhere to the School Pupils Code of Commitment.

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the workrooms or classrooms. Drinking water is available from water dispensers in the corridors within the College buildings.

Next steps


At North East Scotland College

Upon successful completion of this course, you may be able to progress to one of the following full-time courses at North East Scotland College:

At University

Those with the qualifications to do so may choose to apply for further study at university level, e.g. BA Fashion Management or BA Textiles.


If you would like to progress directly to employment, a range of entry level opportunities will be available within the creative industries sector.

The following infographic provides information on current and projected employment trends in this sector, within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. Follow the link on the infographic to view a larger image.

Infographic detailing current and projected employment trends in this sector, within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire


Please note that courses are subject to minimum viability levels. In the event of insufficient numbers of applications, courses may be withdrawn from the programme. Certain courses are arranged with schools working in a consortium arrangement – in such cases, pupils from consortium schools will be given priority in the allocation of places.