Foundation Apprenticeship
IT (Hardware/System Support) SCQF Level 6

Combining work-based and classroom-based learning in ICT.


Why take this course?

This 2 year programme incorporates classroom-based study with work-based learning to prepare you for entry to the workplace or full-time Further or Higher Education. The course is funded by Skills Development Scotland.

Scotland is highly dependent on its IT & Telecoms workforce – it underpins the economy and is integral to information, business and consumer services, health and leisure and modern day social networking.  Across all industries in Scotland, the combination of its highly skilled IT & Telecoms professionals, technology-savvy business leaders and competent IT users enable the organisations’ effective participation in the global digital economy.

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What you will experience

The Foundation Apprenticeship in Information Technology (Hardware and System Support) is for pupils in S5 and S6.  In S5 you will complete a National Progression Award (NPA) at SCQF level 6 in Professional Computer Fundamentals.  In S6 (year 2) you will complete the Foundation Apprenticeship and achieve the Diploma for IT & Telecommunications Professionals
The NPA in year one will includes units in:

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Server Administration Fundamentals

You will also undertake work-based learning, mostly in year 2 (6th year of school) during which you will attend an extended work experience with an industry partner equivalent to a day a week.  During that time you will develop essential skills for the workplace and be assessed on your performance in each of the following areas:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Health and Safety in IT and Telecom
  • IT and Telecom System Operation 
  • Testing IT and Telecom Systems
  • Working with IT and Telecoms Hardware and Equipment
female holding a laptop

Key facts

Entry requirements

This course is suited to school pupils who expect to continue at school until the end of S6 and who are on track to achieve a Minimum of 2 B passes in related National 5 awards in S4. Related areas would include Computing, Physics, Maths or Design and Technology. Pupils would benefit from studying subjects such as Higher Computing, Higher Maths and NPA Digital Media during S5 and S6 alongside the Foundation Apprenticeship.

What you need to know

Anything else?

Whilst you are on the course, you will be required to:

  • Always be ready to start your class at the given time;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning and self-study;
  • Adhere to the School Pupils Code of Commitment.

Eating and drinking are not permitted in classrooms. Drinking water is available from water dispensers in the corridors within the College buildings.

Next steps


At North East Scotland College

Upon successful completion of this course, you may be able to progress to one of the following full-time courses at North East Scotland College:

At University

This course will prepare you to access a range of university degrees.


Having completed a Foundation Apprenticeship you will be prepared for advanced entry into an associated Modern Apprenticeship.

The following infographic provides information on current and projected employment trends in this sector, within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. Follow the link on the infographic to view a larger image.

Infographic detailing current and projected employment trends in this sector, within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire


Please note that courses are subject to minimum viability levels. In the event of insufficient numbers of applications, courses may be withdrawn from the programme. Certain courses are arranged with schools working in a consortium arrangement – in such cases, pupils from consortium schools will be given priority in the allocation of places.