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Employer Links courses at North East Scotland College are delivered in a variety of ways.

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Course delivery

Courses can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

Block Release

Courses which involve employee attendance at a College Campus continuously for several weeks at a time. The length of the block can vary.

Day Release

Courses which involve employee attendance at a College Campus. This typically involves attendance on one full day a week, although this may be more depending on the course. 


Part-time courses involve attendance at a College Campus or Learning Centre for part of a given day - this can involve either morning, afternoon, evening or full day attendance. 

Distance Learning

Distance Learning courses require a large degree of self-study and the majority of this learning is outwith the College. These courses are not for everyone - the onus lies with the individual employee to complete the work within a recommended timeline, so this works well for individuals who are highly motivated, self-disciplined and able to work independently. These courses fall into three categories: 

  • Where an element of College attendance is required - usually this would only be for assessment purposes but can also include an element of classroom/workshop based learning.
  • Where no College attendance is required and tutor support is available remotely.
  • Where individuals work completely independently with no tutor support.

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General Course Enquiries

Employer Bookings Team
Telephone: 01224 612330
Email: ​

Distance Learning Enquiries

Distance Learning Team
Telephone: 01346 586136 or 01346 504014

Modern Apprenticeships Enquiries

Modern Apprenticeship Team
Telephone: 01346 586110

Tailored Courses

Duncan Abernethy, Director of Business Development
Telephone: 01346 586140 (Fraserburgh Campus); 01224 612333 (Aberdeen City Campus); 07918 691668 (Mobile)

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