Apprentice Spotlight: Kerri Wright

Kerri Wright left school after completing year 6, armed with a wide variety of Highers and no specific idea of which career path to pursue. She held several administration based roles in engineering based companies before joining Aubin, who design, develop and supply chemical solutions for the global oil and gas industry in Ellon. Within Aubin, Kerri received a really good grounding across many departments providing administrative support to key product lines and the sales team ahead of her current role in the Supply Chain and Logistics department.

Kerri Wright

"I've been in this role for just over two years now and, through on the job learning and a good boss, my role has really developed. I now support the Supply Chain Manager in purchasing raw materials and organising the logistics of moving product from A to B. I think I’ve found my niche — it’s really interesting and varied. I get involved with buying the raw materials and moving product, some of which is hazardous, to customers in the UK, Europe and the Middle East using road, air and sea carriers."

"When our Office Manager approached me with the opportunity of working towards an apprenticeship qualification in Logistic Operations I jumped at the opportunity. The apprenticeship is so straightforward as it's completely work related. I agreed the appropriate units that relate to my role with the College assessor and I dedicate a couple of hours every week to answer the knowledge and understanding questions relevant to each unit, as well as collating the evidence. I meet with the assessor every 6 weeks or so. The best thing about the apprenticeship is that you are doing it on the job. It doesn't take up any more of my time, I find it just slots in with my job. It makes you think about why you do things and helps to consolidate your learning — it's not like doing exams at school."