Apprentice Spotlight: Stephen Poppe

Precision Oiltools in Kintore is no stranger to Modern Apprenticeships.

"All of the company directors came up from the trade route", says Bev Robertson, Chief Financial Officer, "and since inception in 2004 the company has employed a number of apprentices within Engineering and now in a Logistics Operations role. It's ingrained in our culture — we firmly believe in a solid foundation of skills which comes in large part through training up the future generation."

Stephen Poppe joined the company in 2012 and his role has developed and expanded over the years. He has just moved from a role which was split across the workshop and office — controlling materials in and out of the company through implementing a stock control system to ensure traceability — into an office–based role, Materials Controller, which will focus on purchasing and logistics of materials to customers, utilising the skills he has built up over the years.

"We are moving into new overseas markets and I am excited about my new role and the challenges it offers", says Stephen. "My confidence has improved and part of that is down to the my Modern Apprenticeship journey. I think that they're brilliant and it's enabled me to look at the areas that I work with on a day to day basis in much greater depth. I am asked to provide evidence all the time for each area and this helps reinforces the processes and procedures which I find helpful... I'm looking forward to the two remaining units which will be new ground for me — I've certainly come along long way since I began at Precision."