Apprenticeship Week Spotlight: Logan Cameron

Logan Cameron is in his first year of a Foundation Apprenticeship in Children & Young People.

Logan in a childcare classroom

Foundation Apprenticeships are an exciting new addition to the range of opportunities available to school pupils about to go into S5. Designed as a blend of College, School and Work Based Learning they give young people the opportunity to secure an industry recognised qualification alongside valuable and accredited practical experience of the world of work!

Logan, from Aberdeen Grammar School, explains why he chose a Foundation Apprenticeship for 5th and 6th year, and what he’s enjoying about it.


Why did you choose a Foundation Apprenticeship?

I chose the Foundation Apprenticeship in Children & Young People as thought it would be something that I would enjoy and help with my future career.


What else are you studying at school?

I’m studying Highers in English, Modern Studies and Drama & N5 Maths.


How is the Foundation Apprenticeship going to support your future career path?

It’ll give me a good qualification and valuable experience and the ability to work with a diverse range of people.


What’s the best part about the Foundation Apprenticeship?

The doors that it can open and what it can lead onto.


What have you been doing so far?

We have studied safeguarding, Children’s Play Experience, Cognitive/Physical Development.  I’ve been enjoying the cognitive development the best so far and I’m really looking forward to work placement.


Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships at NESCol here.