London calling for Sophie

North East Scotland College student Sophie Buxton from Huntly is on her way to taking the world by storm after securing a place at the International School of Screen Acting in London after the summer. 

Sophie Buxton

Sophie has always been interested in performing, having been a member of various drama groups while still a pupil at the Gordon Schools.  On leaving school after her fifth year last summer, she decided to apply to study NC Acting and Theatre Performance at North East Scotland College.  She was delighted to be offered a place and will complete the course in a few months.  She said, “I've found the course really fun.  I've learned lots, met some great people and it's helped prepare me for what I'm going to do in the future.”

The keen actor also has a number of local appearances under her belt.  The highlight of these was when she was chosen to appear in ‘Happy Days The Musical’ when it visited His Majesty’s Theatre.  Sophie said, “I definitely want to go down the acting route, particularly screen acting, so I was delighted when I realised that there was a course in London dedicated to this.  Most of the courses I was already aware of are in the USA so it was great to find one a bit closer to home.”

Sophie applied and was invited to go to London to audition for place.  She said, “I really enjoyed the experience which included taking part in some workshops and a screen test.  Then, just five days after I got home, they contacted me to offer me a place - I was really happy and my mum was over the moon!”

Sophie will move to London during the summer holidays to begin the two-year course.  She said, “It is a little bit daunting but I have a cousin who lives in London and I’m sure I will find my feet quickly.  I’m really excited about starting the course and hope to make some connections in the industry while I am studying.”