NESCol presents The Scholar of the North East

Welding and fabrication students at NESCol’s Fraserburgh Campus have created their own life size sculpture from carbon and stainless steel and have named it Scholar of the Northeast. It has been designed, crafted and built over the last ten months by the Performing Engineering Operations class and now sits proudly in the courtyard at the Campus.

The impressive sculpture stands at approximately 5ft 8inches whilst holding an open book.

The class utilised Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create the initial drawings which were then cut out of sheets of carbon steel and stainless steel on the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Plasma cutter.

Lecturer in Welding and Fabrication Martin Summers said, “The project has been very successful and has been a good way to showcase the skills and the talents of all involved and I have to admit that it looks pretty impressive – especially in the sunshine. The class had to split the sculpture into three parts which were then taken to the courtyard for the final assembly and welding.”