NESCol's Silvernote Music wins SQA Star Award

SilverNote Music Enterprise named winner of the Innovation Award at the SQA Star Awards on 3rd November 2017.

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On Friday 3rd November at the annual SQA Star Awards, NESCol's SilverNote enterprise was named WINNER of the SQA Star Award for Innovation! 

About SilverNote

The SilverNote Music Enterprise was launched in session 2016/17 to provide opportunities for students at North East Scotland College to work collectively, often with peers from different disciplines to develop essential skills with a focus on the Creative Industries to:

  • Develop enterprising and creative attitudes and skills whilst learning;
  • Experience and develop understanding of the world of work in all its diversity, including entrepreneurial and creative activity and self-employment;
  • Enjoy appropriately focused career education with relevant guidance from internal and external partners.

Working across multiple curriculum areas, NESCol created SilverNote Music Enterprise to engage with the community, employers and industry professionals.  An aim was to provide a high profile platform to celebrate student achievements by dedicating a platform to showcase original music created by students.  Students from different subject areas brought together their creative talents from within the structures of the curriculum, and demonstrated these within the context of an industry led enterprise.

About the SQA Star Awards

The annual SQA Star Awards offer a unique way to celebrate the success, triumph, achievement and recognition of the best in education and training. The event is a key date in the education and training calendar and is attended by education and business leaders. The ceremony acknowledges the innovation, partnerships and creativity from schools, colleges, employers and training providers delivering our qualifications. The ceremony also acknowledges the students who take our qualifications.