Student Focus: Simeon Georgiev

Twenty-one year old Simeon Georgiev moved to Aberdeen from his native Bulgaria in 2013.  He then attended Dyce Academy before applying to study a one-year media and public relations course at North East Scotland College.  He said, “Since day one I knew this is the right course for me, I found all the different subjects very helpful for the future.” 

On completing the course, he progressed to HND Advertising and PR.  He said, “Communication has always been my strength, speaking three languages, and travelling a lot has helped develop my confidence and knowledge about how to speak with people and how to reach them.  This is why I chose to study Advertising and PR.”

After the summer, Simeon will progress to Robert Gordon University where he will join third year of a degree in public relations.  He said, “For me knowledge is the first step to success, so if you have the opportunity to develop yourself through education, don’t miss it.”