Students get geared up

Public Service students from North East Scotland College's Fraserburgh campus are the grateful recipients of tactical body armour which has been recently donated by industry leader Safeguard Clothing.

male and female wearing body armour

Curriculum Quality Manager for Sport & Public Services, Linda Murray says, “We are exceptionally grateful to Safeguard for the donation of the bullet proof vest which has helped students enrolled on the Public Services courses.

“Part of the Public services course work involves scenarios to test the skills and knowledge of public service workers. This vest enhances the role play activities and assessments, by giving the students a more realistic experience. They also learn about health & safety in the public services and the vest is an important part of PPE for Police Officers and armed service personnel.”

North East Scotland College offers two courses for those looking to pursue employment in the Public services. The BTEC Diploma in Public Services is available at both level 2 and 3 and is a good preparation for work in the Emergency Services, Armed Services, Central and Local Government and for third sector / volunteer organisations.

SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager, Thomas Bowman, comments, “We have increased our involvement in the curriculum programs of colleges with the intent of educating students on the working mechanics behind the design and structure of protective gear. Our bullet proof vests provide the necessary basis to expand on the learning experience of students."