Offers & enrolment

If your interview was successful, you will be sent an email or letter offering you a place.

Conditional Offer

A Conditional Offer means you must satisfy the conditions set out in your offer in order to gain a place. When you receive your offer you must accept or reject your offer within two weeks – failure to do so may mean that your place is lost.

If you have a Conditional Offer and pass your exams/meet conditions, you should contact the College:

Student Advice Centre
Telephone: 01224 612301 (Aberdeen) or 01346 586156 (Fraserburgh)

In all cases applicants need to email a copy of their results to as teaching teams will ask for copies of their certificates before changing an offer from conditional to full.

If you are awaiting results from other awarding bodies, the same information above applies.

Once the College is satisfied that conditions have been met you will be sent a full offer.

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Full Offer

A Full Offer means you can join the course with your existing qualifications and there are no conditions attached to your offer. If you receive this type of offer you must accept or reject the offer within two weeks – failure to do so may mean that your place is lost.

Student Smart Cards

If you receive a Full Offer then you will be able to apply for your Student Smart Card. Cards can take 2-3 weeks after we accept your photo, so apply as soon as you can!

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Accept your offer

You must accept or reject an offer within two weeks – failure to do so may mean that your place is lost.

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Advanced Courses

If you are offered and accept a place on any HNC or HND course you can enrol online. The College will get in touch with you towards the end of July with instructions. After you have enrolled you can access the student portal – My NESCol – which will provide you with lots of useful information. HN students, who have enrolled online, may still be required to attend an induction session. You will be notified about this by email.

Non-advanced Courses

Those on courses other than a HNC or HND will enrol during induction sessions which take place in August. You will receive notification of your induction date. Induction sessions will also be advertised in the Induction section on the website.

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When you receive an offer you will also be given information with regards to funding.

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