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Not sure what to study?

Throughout our lives we have to make important decisions - one of these decisions is which subject, course and career path to choose!

One of the biggest decisions we face is what to do when we leave school, and what we want to do for a career. You may wonder how to get a good job, how to get back into the job market or how you can change your educational or professional path.

For some the choice is straightforward, but for most, knowing what to do next and how to achieve your goals is no easy task!

This page and the information on it doesn’t have all the answers. However, it will get you thinking about the kind of person you are, what sort of jobs might be out there for you and how NESCol qualifications can help you get there! So whatever your interests or personality traits, here are some ideas to help inform your choices! 

What type of person are you?


You have an affinity for people, enjoy helping others and are interested in social/political issues affecting our world.

This type of person thrives in an environment where they can use compassion for good – either practically, or by learning about factors that influence people. Think work in healthcare, social care, child care or social sciences! 



If you have a great eye for detail, good colour sense or a nose for a good story then a career in art & design, computing, advertising, music or creative media could be for you!

Creative people are generally free spirits, who use their originality to create and develop things that other people will enjoy. Creative individuals will thrive best on a course that allows them to express themselves, and produce unique and exciting work. 



You learn in a realistic working environment, carry out practical tasks and learn from experience – perfect for those who want to blend creativity and practical skills in work with cars, construction, cooking, hairdressing or beauty!

Hands-on people thrive in a practical environment and should pursue a career that allows them to use and develop vocational skills every day.



You have big ideas, an eye for detail and an analytical mind, which helps bring your ideas to fruition!

An innovative person could help to change the world through problem solving and developing new approaches, discoveries or inventions – they are best suited to subject areas like computing, engineering and science. 



You have clear goals, and will stop at nothing to achieve them! You will also work and train hard, whilst helping and inspiring others to perform at their best.

This type of person is best suited to subjects like work in sport, fitness and the public services! 



You’re a team player, but also thrive in situations where you get to take the lead. You’re also organised, and people can rely on you to do a good job.  

This type of person would thrive in an exciting and dynamic industry, which called for effective organisation and a cool head under pressure! This could lead to work in the business sector, media analysis and production, tourism and events and building/construction. 


Top Tip

Don’t forget that many of our subject areas fit under more than one category! An example of this is engineering. Have a look at some exciting examples of the wide range of things engineers do.

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Career Coach

Career Coach has been custom-built so that North East Scotland College students and prospective students can access course, higher education and career information based on the College's course offering! 

The Career Coach website is designed to give you the most up-to-date information on jobs and career prospects across the UK, providing you with an accurate snapshot of salaries, training, employment rates and employment trends in your chosen region. You can also select your course (or a course you are considering) and see what types of employment opportunities that course could lead to.

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My Kid's Career

If you are a parent looking for information, Skills Development Scotland has put together a website with up-to-date statistics on sectors that are set to grow. They've highlighted some industries that are on the rise, to help you explore where your child could go.

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Help and Advice

Pre-entry Guidance Meetings

If you have some queries, or would like to discuss your options in more depth with one of our Advisers, then please don't hestiate to get in touch and organise a pre-entry guidance meeting.

Enquiries and appointments can be made by contacting:

Aberdeen City Campus Student Advice Centre
Telephone: 01224 612284

Fraserburgh Campus Student Advice Centre
Telephone: 01346 586129

Open Days

Our Open Day events take place twice every year, and are a great opportunity to visit the College campuses and chat to lecturers and curriculum staff, and student support teams, about the opportunities available at North East Scotland College.

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