Induction Notebook

At induction you will receive a notebook which includes handy campus maps, details of facilities and resources, and important contact information relating to student support and other College services. You'll also find information on the College's Freshers' Fair, Students' Association and how to stay on top of things — whilst staying healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle — during your time at NESCol!

My NESCol 2018 PDF, 5.91 MB


Induction Dates and Times

Further information on the date, time and meeting point for your induction session is available.

Further information on dates and times of induction sessions


Induction Checklist

Your Induction Checklist is available on Blackboard in the 'My Courses' section.

Induction Checklist


My Essentials

Find out more about the College's campuses, using IT and devices, accessing IT support, and getting your student card. 

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My Money

Find out more about managing your money - including types of funding, course fees and useful contacts. 

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My College Experience

The College has a vast range of resources in place to enhance your overall College experience. This includes extensive student support services, and state-of-the-art facilities and IT infrastructure for study and learning purposes.


Important Documents

Key documents relating to your time as a student at North East Scotland College.

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My Health and Wellbeing

Sport & Fitness

The College has excellent sport and fitness facilities in place for all students.

Mental Health Support

Life at College can be stressful for some, and there may be times when you feel like you need someone to talk to.

If at any time you are experiencing difficulties, then our Mental Health First Aiders are specifically trained to deal with anything that may be affecting your mental health whilst at College. They offer support and advice, and will be able to put you in touch with any other relevant support services that you may require.  

To speak to a Mental Health First Aider, please contact:

Aberdeen City Campus Student Advice Centre
Telephone: 01224 612284

Fraserburgh Campus Student Services
Telephone: 01346 586129

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My Students' Association

Coming to College isn’t just about gaining a qualification, furthering your education and gearing up for employment - it's also about experiencing the new, fun and exciting lifestyle that comes with being a student!

As an organisation, the Students' Association act as the voice of students in the wider educational environment. It's a great opportunity for those who want to have an active say in their education and those who want to embrace the student experience at College.

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